Hugros was formed to bring the best business solutions in the world to a single place to provide it to all the industries in India. During this endeavor, we have been partnering with the best technology providers around the globe in the field of extraction of dust, fume and smoke, process spillage collection and recycling, bulk material transfer and engineering automation etc.

As we strive in keeping up with the latest technology, we always envisioned about saving the nature and the earth for our future generations. So we have our GREEN CARE division into handling and recycling of solid waste. Hugros provides solutions for organic waste composting, biogas processing, plastic recycling, air pollution control towers, sanitary napkin dispensers and incinerators. Our solutions have evolved from the continuous study and research done with the help of international organizations and councils in the field of recycling and composting.

We are also providing solid waste handling systems like Garbage Compactors, truck mounted road sweepers, Sewer suction systems, Super Suckers, Jetting systems and portable vacuum litter picker.

Hugros offer heavy duty vacuum cleaners , scrubber driers, mechanical sweepers, dust extraction systems, welding fume extraction systems, high vacuum systems, centralized vacuum systems , material transfer systems, truck mounted vacuum systems, truck mounted vacuum sweepers and vacuum discharging machines. Our vacuum systems can handle all kinds of process spillage for collection, transporting and real time recycling.

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